[‪#‎OriginalSuperstar x Marco Chan – The Real Collection] Opening Prologue at adidas Causeway Bay Store on 17 Aug 2015

Elaw Wong with internationally renowned Session Hairstylist - Marco Chan jointly produced a variety of creative works, from the hair, photography, makeup and even styling are meticulous. The students from the Advanced Makeup Class from&n...


Makeup and Hairstyling - HK Commercial Radio Show 騎騎騎大會串


HK Commercial Radio Show 騎騎騎大會串

Thanks to our team - The Look Studio及 marcochan.pro created outstanding looks to match with their show. 2 of our makeup class students have also participated in the show, good job!

Makeup team: Elaw Wong, Gin, Karen, Crystal, Egg@ The Look Studio
Hair team: Casei Wu, Wilson Wong, Laiwan Gerund @ Marcochan.pro Session Hairstylist & Creative Partnership

For more photos, please click : https://www.facebook.com/thelook.elaw



商業電台大型Talk Show [騎騎騎大會串]


Our team will be the squad of the makeup and hairstyling of the HK Commercial Radio talk show  [騎騎騎大會串].

Starring: Jan Lamb, Eric Kok, Louis Yuen, Jim Yan, Donald, Kitty Yuen, Sammy Leung

promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9D11UPeNdE

makeup: The Look Studio Team
hairstyling:marochan.pro team 





Master Grade 微電影《The Story of O》Tell you a romantic story


Please to watch the micro-movie《The Story of O》a romantic story begins:

Casting: Aarif Lee and Yoyo Sham

Movie Director: Mabel Cheung /  Producer : Alex Lam

Makeup Artist: Elaw Wong@thelook-studio.com


Music Video with AGA KONG


I am honored to be the makeup artist for your new music video 『認』, I admit that I love your songs.

Make up by Elaw Wong  www.facebook.com/thelook.elaw

For details: please check: https://www.facebook.com/thelook.elaw


Caudalie Video Shooting


Love to be the ambassador of French Skincare Brand - Caudalie, Elaw has participated in the video shoot, and Miss Hong Kong - Crystal Li was starring in the video too. 

Shooting at : Caudalie Boutique Spa at Central

Make up by Elaw Wong & Gerund Laiwan 

For details: please check: https://www.facebook.com/thelook.elaw


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