Our Team

Elaw Wong

Elaw Wong believes educating the new generation is vital. By offering all kinds of makeup course, providing diversified working opportunities, the competitiveness of students can be enhanced, laying a strong and concrete foundation for their future.

Having over 15 years makeup experience, the World-class makeup artists, Elaw Wong, is famous for her natural and flawless makeup.

Passionate in makeup and the fashion industry, Elaw Wong was graduated from well recognized makeup academies: The Last Look Make Up Academy and London College of Fashion.

Not only does Elaw work in the wedding industry, she has been dedicating her time in this ever changing industry. She is invited to participate in different fashion shows and photo shoots by international well-known brands in the fashion industry. She is also involved in both Hollywood and Hong Kong film productions.


HK film productions: Benny Chan Muk Sing's work ''City Under Siege'', Pang Brothers' work ''Fairy Tale Killer'', Patrick Yip's work ''Marriage with a Li-ar'',''L for Love L for Lie''
International Celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow, David Carradine、Michael Madsen、Supermodel Irina Shayk (Hollywood movie star Bradley Cooper's girlfriend)
HK Celebrities: Shu Qi, KayTse, Angelababy, Lisa S., Chrissie Chow, Janice Man, Jessica C., Sean Lau, Simon Yau, Agatha Kong, Alex Lam